Wine world

« He who knows how to savor will no longer drink wine but rather taste secrets »

- Salvador Dali -

More than just a drink, wine is a French art of living.

Even in Paris, the Grape Harvest Fair is held every October in Montmartre! From the vine to the glass, the world of wine is full of generosity and offers a range of experiences that combine passion, epicureanism, tradition, craftsmanship and excellence.

The pleasure of wine is not limited only to tasting, but lies also in the discovery of the terroirs of the wine’s origin and of the craftsmen who dedicate their know-how to this universe.

JustAsk takes you to meet with these women and men who produce wine with love and passion, make wine barrels, stock your wine cellar faultlessly, appraising and selecting Grands Crus and exceptional bottles, and design and create for you the proper made-to-measure storage spaces
for your wines.

Wine Roads

Beyond being one of the great wine producers, France has an incredible multiplicity of wines with extremely diverse vineyards, from the Loire Valley to Corsica, from Champagne to the Southwest.

Travel with our drivers along the routes of the vineyards, discover the different varieties of grapes, the terroirs, the wine domains and their different wine-growers and wine-makers

Let us craft for you a tailor-made getaway along the famous wine roads villages and share with you a favorite local restaurants
Alsace / Champagne / Bourgogne / Bordeaux et Sud Ouest / Vallée de la LoireVallée du Rhône / Languedoc Roussillon / Provence et Corse / Jura et Savoie

Wine cellar

That which is inaccessible is enticing and it has never been more true than in the world of wine.

It is a great pleasure to find rare wines – nectars – produced in very small quantities that wine lovers would love to possess.

If you are looking for an old vintage of Grand Cru to enjoy with savvy wine connoisseurs, a precious bottle to enrich your private collection, or an unusual gift.

JustAsk will help you find THE product you need!

Wine Sommelery

Sommelery is the art of selecting, preserving, tasting, pairing,
serving and selling wine.

Local or foreign wines, from small growers, to wines for aging or Grand Crus … our expert sommeliers will help you stock your cellar according to your tastes.

JustAsk has selected for you the best craftsmen:
to design a unique storage space for your home, restaurant, tasting room or wine lounge,
to store your favorite bottles and keep them in the best condition,
to design a customized wine cellar to enhance your collection.

Organization of events around wine for companies and individuals, tasting courses, workshops food and wine pairing are also available on request.