Sales terms

JustAsk offers several services, an important one of which is the rental of chauffeur-driven vehicles. The services ordered from and provided by JustAsk imply acceptance by the client of the Terms and Conditions listed below, which will become an integral part of the signed Agreement. JustAsk reserves the right to amend or change these Terms and Conditions as necessary, and after having provided appropriate written notice.


In response to a prospective client’s request, JustAsk provides written quotations via either email or post. These quotations or estimates are as accurate as possible but depend on the precision of the information provided. That information must be as precise as possible concerning dates, times, origins and destinations, numbers of passengers, size of vehicle(s) required and specific itineraries, if known. In the case of requests for quotations for undefined itineraries or dates, times and/or origin(s) and destination(s), the quotation remains an estimate which may be revised by JustAsk to take account of unplanned circumstances, such as kilometers or hours in excess of the quotation, the requirement for an additional driver or additional meal(s) for the driver. Additional services provided by JustAsk at the request of the client not specifically included in the quotation, will be added to the final invoice.


A specific quoted rate will be invoiced for transfers, meaning non-stop travel between two or more points defined in advance by the client. The quantity of accompanying baggage permitted will be a function of the size of the vehicle requested. Large quantities of baggage or oversized pieces must be signaled in advance by the client so that the rate for the appropriate size vehicle can be quoted and invoiced. For requests for quotations for a vehicle and driver to remain at the disposal of the client without specified origin and destination points, the minimum rental period for JustAsk’s vehicles is four (4) hours, day or night. The rate depends on the type of vehicle requested. An hourly rate is applied thereafter and that hourly rate applies also to any hour started but not completed. The maximum recommended number of passengers for each type of vehicle is: Mercedes S Class – 3, Mercedes Van V Class – 6, SUV Range Rover – 3, The rate quoted includes the hourly or daily rate for the rental of the vehicle and driver, fuel and insurance. To the quoted rates will be added the French Value Added Tax (TVA).

The rate of this tax is 10% for point-to-point services such as transfers, and 20% for services when the car and driver are at the disposal of the client(s) without a defined itinerary. This distinction adds emphasis to the importance of the client defining his itinerary, to the extent possible, when requesting a quotation. Due to the complexity of applying the proper rate of TVA, it will be left to JustAsk, working with the client when possible, to apply the appropriate rate of TVA.

JustAsk’s insurance covers the vehicle, the driver, the passengers and the baggage transported in the luggage compartment of the vehicle up limited to a value fixed by JustAsk’s insurance company (DIF contract n° 314465K, whose conditions are available upon request). After the luggage has been taken out of the vehicle and has been deposed at the client’s lodging or the termination point of JustAsk’s service, it will no longer be covered by JustAsk’s insurance company. Handbags and hand luggage which remain with the client in the passenger compartment of the vehicle are not covered by JustAsk’s insurance and remain the responsibility of the client(s). The driver cannot be held responsible for guarding the baggage or articles left in the vehicle. Tolls and parking charges incurred but not included in the quotation will be added to the final invoice. JustAsk’s written quotations are valid until the date and time of the beginning of the requested service unless there is an increase in one or more of the quotation’s basic components (i.e. fuel, toll charges, Value Added Tax). Any change compared to the quotation would be exceptional and will be supported by proper documentation and justification on the part of JustAsk. Driver’s meals and accommodations: meals and overnight accommodations for the driver(s) will be invoiced to customers per the rates below.
24€ (20% VAT included) for lunch lasting one hour to be taken by the driver between noon and 2:00 PM when the service provided to the client lasts beyond 2:00 PM.
for dinner lasting one hour, to be taken by the driver between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM when the service provided to the client lasts beyond 10:00 PM. The above rates also apply when the car and driver are not transporting the client(s) when traveling to pick up the clients or when returning to Paris after having dropped off the clients.
The rate for any overnight accommodations for the drivers is 180 Euros per driver per night. In addition to the accommodation per se, this sum includes overnight parking, breakfast and all applicable occupation taxes.


All photos of vehicles on our website are non- biding illustrations.
After having received the client’s request for service, JustAsk will forward to the client via email or post a quotation indicating the service to be provided and rates to be applied. If the quotation is accepted, the client is requested to return to JustAsk a copy of the quotation indicating its acceptance by including the term “Agreed and Accepted” with the client’s signature, stamp and date. The preferred means of transmitting this document is as a scanned attachment to an email. If time permits, it may also be sent by post. After having received the stated deposit, the signed quotation will serve as the official Agreement and order form. The reservation will be confirmed by JustAsk upon confirmation of receipt of the deposit, unless agreed otherwise between JustAsk and the client. The deposit shall be affected by debiting the client’s credit card. The information required to affect the debit should include the name of the cardholder, the card number, the date of expiration and the cryptogram.


If there are adjustments to the client’s program after the initial order has been placed, they should be received by JustAsk at least 2 days prior to the beginning of the service. Information concerning the client’s arrival and the name to be used by the driver on the welcome panel should be included. Time and mileage will be counted from departure to return to the garage. 5 (30 mn for each trip).


The driver is held responsible during the entire period of the service to comply with and ensure compliance with applicable French law. The driver must respect speed limits and all other rules of the road and under no circumstances may he be required by the client to infringe those rules.
Smoking in JustAsk’s vehicles is prohibited, and seatbelts must be fastened at all times when the vehicle is moving, in accordance with French law.


JustAsk reserves the right to charge cancellation fees per the following schedule:
Within 24 hours – 100% of the reserved and scheduled service
Between 24 hours and three (2) days – 50% of the reserved and scheduled service.
Between three (2) and seven (3) days -30% of the reserved and scheduled service.


Payment is due either in advance with a prepayment or esle upon presentation of the final invoice, Payment, in Euros only, may be effectuated by cash or check, debit of the client’s credit card (Visa, Mastercard orAmerican Express).


JustAsk may not be held responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond its control, i.e. flooded or blocked roads, roads blocked due to traffic conditions or strikes, unusually difficult weather conditions, police or fire department orders, terrorist activity or attacks, mechanical problems, acts of God, (non-exhaustive list). In the event of a mechanical problem, JustAsk will do its utmost to achieve service continuity.


The client agrees to indemnify JustAsk and undertakes to keep JustAsk indemnified against any losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including, without limitation, legal expenses and any amounts paid by JustAsk to a third party in settlement of a claim or dispute on the advice of JustAsk’s legal advisors) incurred or suffered by JustAsk arising out of any breach by the client of any provision of these Terms and Conditions or arising out of any claim that the client has breached any provision of these Terms and Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with French law, and any disputes relating to these Terms and Conditions to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Commerce de Paris.