Vip meet & greet service airports & railroad stations

JustAsk offers a VIP assistance service to its clients

At airports and international railroad stations where authorized.

VIP airports meet & greet


You will be met by your greeter as you exit the airbridge after deplaning; he will have a sign with your name on it.

He will take charge of your hand luggage and escort you via Fast Track through immigration.

He will then assist you to recover your luggage and accompany you to your car to meet your driver.

Upon your car’s arrival at the airport, your JustAsk driver will introduce you to your greeter who will handle your luggage and escort you to a priority check-in counter where your luggage will be dropped off.

He will then provide tax refund assistance, if desired, escort you via Fast Track through security and immigration, and to the airline’s business lounge or boarding gate.


Our greeter will meet you as you deplane; he will be holding a sign with your name.

He will escort you to the next flight with priority access at the checkpoints.

VIP train stations meet & greet

Depending on the station’s configuration, our greeter, with your name on a sign, will await you as you descend from the train or at the end of the platform. He will handle your luggage, deal with customs formalities, if necessary, and accompany you to your car.

Private airport lounges

Enjoy privileged access to a private lounge with direct access to the tarmac at Paris airports and at many other international hubs.

For a unique experience at Paris airports, JustAsk offers access to private Lounge 200 at Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Lounge 500 at Orly.

Indulge yourself with private access to these VIP lounges, normally reserved for official delegations and dignitaries, for an arrival or departure in complete discretion.

These lounges have their own security screening points where luggage is x-rayed. They also have dedicated registration counters and immigration posts.

While you relax and enjoy the lounge amenities, our agent will collect your travel documents and present them to the border police, check-in your luggage and carry out your duty-free formalities.

Access to the tarmac is direct and transfer between aircraft is via a private chauffeured-car.

This service is available for arrivals and departures and requires authorization by the air and border police.