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A spirit of excellence

a manner of reasoning and functioning to assure you exceptional customized service to meet your most pressing needs and demands

JustAsk, the facilitator of your desires and dreams during your voyage, be it on business or for vacation

A high-end made-to-measure concierge service,
without membership fees.


Our expertise and our knowledge of deluxe professional,
cultural and tourist addresses and sites in Paris and other regions,
will make of us your partner of choice.

We assure you a very personalized intimate service so that you will be able
to fully profit from your time and the art de vivre “à la Française”.

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Hotels and exceptional private residences, authentic destinations,
top-rate private excursions and charming itineraries, private visits,
unforgettable experiences, gourmet addresses and restaurants…
in luxury sedans, in private jet or in a yacht…JUSTASK !

The Fixer of your Family Offices

You may be the best connected person in your own city,
but when you travel to other parts of the world
the expert assistance of a local Fixer is an invaluable asset,
providing you with the golden keys at your destination.

We are reliable and flexible. 
Let us make your life easier!

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So much more than just a driver…. !


Luxury travel services




«Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury» – Coco Chanel