Versailles Palace

The world’s largest royal estate
45 mn from Paris

A former hunting lodge transformed into a magnificent palace during the reign of Louis XIV, a real jewel of French architecture and elegance, it was the residence of the King and the Court until the Revolution of 1789.
The park of the Château, designed by Le Nôtre, remains the universal model of the French Gardens.


the hidden corners of the Castle, through back doors and secret passages leading to the private Apartments of the King and Marie-Antoinette, to the Opera and the Chapel…


near the castle, at the La Véranda Brasserie by Gordon Ramsay, in the refined setting of the Trianon Palace hotel,


the incredible collection of royal carriages at the Grande Royal Stables and attend a fabulous equestrian show,


in the gardens and the Park of the Castle during a tour that will take you from the Grand Canal to the Marie-Antoinette Estate and the Trianons,


In the Versailles Palace’s premises in one of the 14 rooms of the Hotel « Airelles, le Grand Contrôle » – A one day in a lifetime immersion in history !

For kids

In addition to the many activities and scavenger hunts we can propose to them at the Château, why not have them navigate the Grand Canal on a barge or discover all the monuments of France in one day at the France Miniature Park, unless they prefer to experience a fruit and vegetable harvest in the largest farm around in the Paris area…

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