JustAsk brings you the latest trends and tasting experiences in Paris and in every region of France,

and shares its address book to help you find a top caterer or private chef for a successful event!

Private Chef

Treat your friends at home, without any constraints!
The service of an in-house chef allows you to fully enjoy the company of your guests, whether for a gathering of family and friends or for a business diner.

We work together with hand-picked chefs vetted by us so that you may discover or rediscover the art of French and World cuisine.

Our expert chefs excel in preparing the perfect meal for your guests.


JustAsk works with creative trusted suppliers who are focused on appetizing quality products and meticulous service in order to create unique and memorable events.

From appetizers to desserts, from a nice cut of meat slowly roasted on the spit or a grilled lobster on a charcoal brazier, to a casserole of organic seasonal vegetables to share: there is something for every taste!

Whether it is for a private or professional event, chic or bohemian, standing or seated, for a cocktail party, a country buffet, a barbecue or a wedding, JustAsk is committed to finding you the caterer that will exceed your expectations.

Chefs' workshop

Enroll in one of our cooking classes to take your food experience to the next level.
You will learn the secrets of making a French baguette or macaroons or how to handle cocoa with care, discover new seasonal products, as well as techniques and little tricks to make your dishes a success every time.

Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed cook, or enrolled for a team incentive or with friends and family, you will have a fantastic time in one of our dedicated classes available throughout France.