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Who we are

Since 2010, the French company founded by Laurent Luber and based in Montmartre, Paris, has served discerning individuals and corporate clients from all five continents at the very highest level. We cater to an international clientele which values the quality of our services and our thoughtful professionalism.

Our Founder

Our Founder

A denizen of Paris, Laurent Luber has acquired an intimate knowledge of its obvious charms and its less apparent, but equally fascinating attributes and happenings, during his 20 year career in the hospitality industry, 6 years of which he has devoted to the creation and development of JustAsk.

To this comprehensive knowledge of Paris, he has also added a deep understanding of a vast array of destinations within France and in other international destinations.

Honesty, integrity, thoroughness, attention to detail, and an enthusiastic approach to you, his client, are the hallmarks of Laurent, his colleagues and all business associates with whom he - and you - will be in contact.

CEO & Founder direct contact:laurentluber@justask-france.com

Our Philosophy

Where and when you need us
The pursuit of service excellence with state-of-the-art security and discretion

We never say "Maybe",

We always say "We will work on it",

We don't over-promise and under deliver

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