Premium Concierge & Facilitator Service

Lifestyle and travel are not the same without a luxury concierge.
We provide “à la carte” five star concierge and facilitator services.
Embark with us on an experience with endless possibilities…

Travel Support

JustAsk gives you access to a complete range of logistics service support for your luxury travel needs through its vetted global network.

Private Excursions

JustAsk provides you access to the most delightful getaways, tailored to your needs in a first class private chauffeured vehicle. Our experience promises unique encounters and the essence of hospitality for the finest gastronomy, wine, culture and art.

Bespoke Experience

JustAsk invites you to escape the ordinary world and designs for you an extraordinary personalized experience. We facilitate your trip, provide outstanding local support and deliver the best value for your time and money.
Ballooning Adventure Ballooning Adventure
Premium Exhilaration Premium Exhilaration
Iceland Aurora Borealis Iceland Aurora Borealis
Secret Southern France Secret Southern France
Sevilla Tradition Sevilla Tradition
Grape Harvesting Grape Harvesting
Rallye Experience Rallye Experience


JustAsk has access to a broad selection of suitable private properties, providing you with a unique lifestyle experience where you desire. We will find and present to you the perfect “pied-à-terre” in the area of your choice and arrange everything in detail.

Private & Corporate Events

JustAsk has the contacts and the imagination to make it happen.
Entertain your loved ones or associates, impress your clients, motivate and reward your staff with exquisite trips and celebrations...

Gastronomy & Wines

We provide our clients with the latest in food, beverage and entertainment trends, from wonderful, reliable restaurants and fantastic wine cellars to a world-class chef in your home.
We will recommend to you only the very best contacts in just the right places.

Lifestyle Management

JustAsk provides you the keys to the best life has to offer, with the highest level of service and discretion.
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