Our commitment to your safety


Since the beginning of the epidemic, your health and that of our drivers has been placed at the heart of our concerns in order to limit the spread of the virus and to enable you to continue to travel safely on board of our vehicles.

In order to make this possible, we have put in place a rigorous sanetization protocol and have followed the instructions of the Government and health authorities.

Here is a quick reminder!

Sanitary measures

– A surgical mask (provided on board by JustAsk) will be compulsory for both the driver and any passengers of eleven years old or more, during all the duration of the service, in vehicles which are not equiped with barrier of protection between the front and back compartments.

– Customers must apply hydro-alcoholic gel on their hands (provided on board by JustAsk)

– No passenger is allowed to sit next to the driver

– Two passengers are allowed in each rear row of seats. This limitation does not apply when the passengers belong to the same family or to the same group of passengers traveling together, i.e. having ordered the trip together, nor to the companion of a disabled person.

– Passengers do not eat on board and take their waste with them in the bag provided for this purpose.

– The removal of any object an magazine from the back of the vehicle

– The provision of water bottles but only on request to the driver.

Sanitary protocol

These measures have been completed by a systematic disinfection of our vehicles using detergents and disinfectant wipes particularly adapted to the fight against the propagation of Covid-19, as follows :

Disinfection of vehicles between missions

– Disinfecting the seats, headrests, door handles, armrests, belt buckles and any other element of comfort used to welcome the client with a disinfectant detergent.

– Cleaning of all equipment and accessories used during the service.

– Systematic ventilation of the passenger compartment.

– Spraying the vehicle with a bactericidal aerosol

Disinfection of vehicles at the end of each day

– Disinfection of seats, headrests, door handles, armrests, belt buckles and any other comfort element used to welcome the client.

– Disinfection of floors, walls and the driver’s compartment (steering wheel, gear lever, doors). Every element that may have come into contact with the driver or the client will be cleaned.

The responsibility of all our clients and drivers is essential. Thank you for respecting these rules in the interest of all.

In the hope of better days, we wish you health!

For more information, we invite you to consult the Government website: : https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus-covid-19